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Human Design

A Blueprint for how we magically show up in our everyday lives, both from our conscious perspective and that which our loved ones see our unconscious Design.

What will YOU Gain from
Your Human Design Chart?

My Example 

I am a Manifesting Generator

I was the kid who was implored by my parents to "just stick to one thing"!! I'm not designed for that. I am here to learn ALL the things that light me up, and find the quick way of helping you through them!


What will your RELATIONSHIPS Gain from
Your Combined Human Design Charts?

My Example

My husband has The Channel of The Perfected Form

It was a complete bug-bear of mine that my husband continuously wanted to spend money on the garden of our company-owned home... it was already lovely after all. But with The Perfected Form, if he sees something that's already good... he is absolutely driven to improve on it and perfect it! Can you imagine what a relief it was for me to be able to let that go knowing there was no changing it?! So good!


What will your CHILD Gain from
You Knowing their Human Design?

My Example

Our beautiful son is a Projector

And the poor kid had to grow up with 2 x Manifesting Generator Parents. Is this a problem? Yes and No.

It's a regret that I didn't know that a projector needs to be able to come home from school and hibernate in his "cave" for a few hours as he is the only energy type who absorbs the aura of those around him. Good thing to know for our kiddos right?


Couples Chart Lover - Susan Scollen

Thank you Kylie for my amazing, deep Human Design Chart! Reading this was like taking a huge breath out and it truly gave me permission to be me. I've also had fun playing around with it, experimenting with my strategy and authority, and I couldn't have done that without all the support and guidance you gave me. Getting my husband's chart done was mind-blowing too. He is a perfectionist at things that are important to him, and even the things I think he shouldn't worry about, but his focus is Mastery and when I read that, I was like "oh that's why the potato mash has to be lump free, or that's why he worries about making the perfect deck, and that's why he doesn't sleep".

It's really given me permission to let him be him, and to support him to go deeper into what's important to him. Finally, as a Manifesting Generator and my husband being a Generator, we work beautifully together and we achieve more together - and now I understand that whilst yes, love plays a part, so does our Human Design.

Kylie, your reports have so much detail in them, they're really easy to read and understand and I appreciate all the finer points you've added that I haven't received in previous Human Design reports I've had done, which made it easier to go out and experiment with.

This channel is coming soon!
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