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About Me

Always in Search of Freedom, and being a better version of myself.

Did you know that the second most clicked-on page after the Home Page is the ABOUT Page? Did you also know, that you are not so much interested in what qualifications I have, or what experiences I have been through, but how those things are going to help you achieve your goals?

So let's get to it... I will use a mix of everything I use in all Journeys with clients to help you decide if my unique skills and experiences can help you with your unique and magical goals....


My Story

I am a Manifesting Generator in Human Design.

So, I grew up learning a million different things, and changing "hobbies" quicker than my parents could keep up. This is absolutely the right way for a Manifesting Generator to live... we are here to try new things and find the shortcuts of how to do them or potentially combine that new thing with completely other random new things that most people wouldn't consider a match.

This has led me to live out time as a short-order cook, dressmaker, jewellery maker, cake decorator, Website Developer, Social Media Advisor, Published Author, Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist, Herbalist, Kinesiologist, Body Release facilitator, Energy Healer, Youtube creator, Online Course creator, and I'm sure there are other random things I have done that don't come to mind, but you get the idea!

How do all these things help you?

My Life-Changing Experiences

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