I get asked all the time how I actually do things

This page contains the links to the resources or people who got me this far!
This page also contains affiliate links, which means I get paid a small commission from these companies or people if you purchase any of them. Since I would never promote something I didn't LOVE anyway it's a win-win right?
I will continue to add resources as my journey continues!

My Favourite Business Tools


The website and course builder platform that you are on right now! My favourite thing about Kajabi is the 24 hour chat button. If you can't figure something out, there is always someone to help and walk you through it. So easy!

Free 30 Day Trial


This is my graphics creator. I tried photoshop once but it was ridiculously hard to navigate and learn and I always want something that I can use immediately with little fuss. Canva is brilliant for beginners and advanced alike.

Check it out

Ina Coveney

Yes, a person can be a business tool! And Ina's membership "Get Clients First" is a great way to get started in an online business when you don't have a large following or client basis. She is practical like that! Tell her I said Hi!

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My favourite Writing Tools

Book Bolt

Thought you could never write and publish books? Think again! There is a massive market of Low Content Books, meaning notebooks and journals. This program helps you create a book in minutes. If you are creative you will love this!

Get Book Bolt Here


I have used Vellum to write all of my fiction and non-fiction books. It is easy to use, keeps everything organized and when you are done a press of a button downloads the correct formats for all self-publishing sites. 

Download Here

Leonie Dawson

Need someone to kick you up the butt as you write your book? Then this is the swearing hippy for you! Her "40 Days to a Finished Book" is amazing and just playing her coaching calls in the background as you write will get you there!

Take Leonie's Course

My Favourite Astrology Tools

Genetic Matrix

This is the software I use for Human Design. You can get your free Human Design Chart here but you can also pay for more complex charts, although it does not explain these so you need to know HD to understand the complex charts.

Free Chart Here