Thyroid Life Academy is Here!

For so long I have wanted to create a platform that totally supported, taught and encouraged other Thyroid Women to change their Thyroid Story. To create a Thyroid Life that left no stone unturned when it comes to dreams, adventures, and living their best life. I have finally done it! And I am so excited for you to join and begin your journey!

WARNING: Only join this course if you want a better Thyroid Life!

Thyroid Pathway

The one thing that once understood, makes feeling better that much easier!

4 Bonus Modules

Autoimmune Disease, Inflammation, Adrenals, Elimination Channels

Private Group

Sometimes you need the support of other women who understand

In Thyroid Life Academy, you will learn...

  • Why your Doctor says you are fine when you feel awful
  • How to use your health practitioner as a tool in your toolbox instead of a god
  • Which parts of your Thyroid Pathway are not working optimally and how to fix them
  • How to find your own unique way of eating for feeling amazing
  • Tips and tricks for lowering inflammation and making aches and pains a thing of the past
  • When to work on your Adrenals and when to work on your thyroid
  • Why healing your traumas and stress is as much a part of thyroid healing as diet and lifestyle


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If you are totally ready to uplevel your Thyroid Life then I invite you to hit the button and join us on the inside!

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What you get...

5 weeks of comprehensive video Training on the Thyroid Pathway

Bonus Module - The Immune System

Bonus Module - Kicking Inflammation to the Curb

Bonus Module - Weight Loss, Adrenals & Lymphatics - What's the Connection?

Private Facebook Community with other Thyroid Women for support and encouragement

Monthly Group Q&A Coaching Calls with Kylie

Bonus Modules

The Immune System

90% of all Thyroid Disease is caused by Autoimmune Disease. Once you know this, there is so much more you can do for yourself.

Kick Inflammation to the Curb!

Thyroid Disease is an inflammatory disease. It causes inflammation and is made worse by inflammation. Let's give you the tools to help reduce it!

Weight Loss, Adrenals & Lymphatics

Learn what the connection is and how to design a protocol that works for your unique Thyroid Self! Because no 2 Thyroid people are the same.

Are you ready to Transform your Thyroid LIfe?

Are you ready to come out of the shadows, stop hiding, and be your best you?
There is a chair waiting for you on the inside! Can't wait to see you!

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This is FOR you if:

  • You can afford this course without putting yourself through any financial hardship
  • You are ready to do the tasks + see the results
  • You are ready to take responsibility for your own thyroid health
  • You are craving a different thyroid life and are willing to do what you need to do to finally have it

This is NOT for you if:

  • You believe your doctor when they say "you're fine"
  • You need 1:1 handholding, guidance, and reassurance (this is not a 1:1 program)
  • You don't respect the boundaries of others
  • You find it hard to navigate the computer or the internet and need somebody to talk you through how to watch the videos in the course


















Leave your Old Thyroid Life Behind

Join Thyroid Life Academy and make a change in your Thyroid Story.

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