Have you ever wanted to just be given a list of foods you CAN eat?

You're not the only one! As a Clinical Nutritionist and a Naturopath, time and time again I have sat across from an overwhelmed client trying to weed out the foods and products around the home that were causing issues like eczema, migraines, digestive issues, chronic coughs... you name it! It always ends with them asking "Can't you just give me a list? Do we have to do an elimination diet?" Well.... yep now I can!! And I couldn't be more excited about it too!

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Do you have a Chronic Condition?

A chronic condition is an issue that has been going on for longer than 3 months and in most cases requires some kind of ongoing medication or topical pharmaceutical. 

It is usually the everyday little things that have the biggest impact on our health, not the one-off grand gestures of a detox, or the one-off all-out buffet meal. What if your inflammation or chronic condition was caused by:

Polyester pants you wear every day

Onions & Tahini you eat regularly

The lettuce you eat twice a day 

The Chicken you eat for most main meals

The dishwashing liquid you use 3 times a day

The Shampoo you use daily

The toothpaste you use twice a day

The feathers in the doona you lay under every night

The oxygen bleach you soak your whites in

The Sorbelene you rub on your skin condition

The iodine liquid you take every day for your thyroid health


Don't you want to know what may be contributing to your inflammation and chronic disease unknowingly on a daily basis?

Purchase Your Bio-Compatibility Test

Introducing the Australian Bio-Compatibility System

This simple non-invasive analysis requires only a saliva sample and accurately measures over 600 different foods, household, and personal hygiene products.

This Naturopathic Wellness Program that has been developed over 30 years by qualified naturopaths is now used in more than 20 countries and can finally give you a list of the foods you CAN eat along with a list of the foods and products that are compromising your health at this time.

This is the fast-tracked way of getting straight into a diet that allows your body to get well, by removing foods and products that are causing inflammation and stagnation in your body.

No more endless elimination diets, and removing this and that in hopes that is the thing causing the issue. Instead a list of the foods you CAN eat and products you CAN use... Simple and straight forward!

Private Health Rebates

If your Australian Private Health Insurance covers Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics you may be eligible to receive a rebate on your Programme. Please email [email protected] if your fund covers you and you will receive the appropriate invoice they require.

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