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The Design Sessions

A Blueprint to how we magically show up in our everyday lives, both from our conscious perspective and that which our loved ones see our unconscious Design.

Human Design is a mix of Eastern and Western Astrology, The Tree of Life, The I'Ching, the Chakra System and Quantum Physics. Combined they give an astonishingly accurate picture of where you are now, what your true aligned self looks like and feels like, and most importantly the guidelines of how to get there.

What you'll get:

  • An incredibly in-depth Human Design Chart, giving you a complete overview of your Design delivered by email.
  • An Intuitive overview of your whole design is summed up in a few sentences.
  • Insights from Western Astrology and your Destiny Card
  • A Word Cloud artwork that you can print off and hang somewhere to remind you of all the words that are in alignment with your Human Design. Kind of a visual Anchor for the days you need it.
  • 4 x 1-hour 1:1 sessions with me, as we take a deep deep dive into what breadcrumbs and clues you have left yourself with regard to what your purpose on this planet is. This is where we get real about the magic you have to offer and gain clarity on how to move forward.

You have likely landed on this page because somebody has sent you this link. As part of my own Design when reflecting on business, letting my network of friends, family, community, and colleagues share what I do is the best possible way for me to reach the people I am meant to reach with this incredible service.

So if that is you. Welcome to my circle. Once I have written your chart I will know you on a level that probably nobody else will, and for that, I say thank you for gifting me that peak into your magic. 

When you are ready to dive into who you really are and what your true purpose is in this world, I invite you to go ahead and complete your purchase. I'll be waiting on the other side to see what magical stardust filled your lungs the moment you drew your first breath.

Love & Magical Hugs
Kylie x


P.S The turnaround at this moment in time for your chart is 10 days. Once your chart is completed, the email with the chart will also contain your booking options for your sessions. 

What People Are Saying:

Thank you Kylie for my amazing, deep Human Design Chart! Reading this was like taking a huge breath out and it truly gave me permission to be me. I've also had fun playing around with it, experimenting with my strategy and authority, and I couldn't have done that without all the support and guidance you gave me. Getting my husband's chart done was mind-blowing too. He is a perfectionist at things that are important to him, and even the things I think he shouldn't worry about, but his focus is Mastery and when I read that, I was like "oh that's why the potato mash has to be lump free, or that's why he worries about making the perfect deck, and that's why he doesn't sleep". It's really given me permission to let him be him, and to support him to go deeper into what's important to him. Finally, as a Manifesting Generator and my husband being a Generator, we work beautifully together and we achieve more together - and now I understand that whilst yes, love plays a part, so does our Human Design. Kylie, your reports have so much detail in them, they're really easy to read and understand and I appreciate all the finer points you've added that I haven't received in previous Human Design reports I've had done, which made it easier to go out and experiment with.

Susan Scollen

I will be forever grateful for the support I have received from Kylie in 2021. She has held my hand through the highs and lows of my business and really helped me to feel supported, heard and given me the courage to leap into my zone of genius, Kylie's incredible advice has allowed me to feel confident and inspired to use my voice in a public setting and reach the goals that I have always dreamed of. Thank you, Kylie. You are a wealth of knowledge.

Jessica Louise Wellbeing

$1,111.00 AUD

I understand and agree that purchasing a chart and sessions are non-refundable.

I understand that although this chart can sound eerily accurate in some parts, it is for informational purposes only and any major life changes should be made only when consulting the appropriate people in my life.

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