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My First Week After VSG

This is all about my first week after surgery and everything it entailed! I'm actually filming this in week 5, so going back in time to share what happened because we were in Perth for Surgery. We live in the north of Western Australia s it was a flight down to Perth to have the surgery done.

We stayed in Perth for a total of 9 days and it was 5 days after I was released from hospital before we flew home, that I spent in the apartment we rented. The first thing I did was check out my medication bags I was sent home with. TWO BIG BAGS full of medications!!!

Watch the video if you want a full look at what I was sent home with but here is the written version but it seems the medications fall into two categories - Pooping & Pain!

  1. Dulose daily for constipation (liquid syrup and oh so sweet)

  2. Zopral for reflux, you chew it up, my understanding is I will be on this for a few months

  3. Microlax enema kit

  4. Macrovic powder sachets to drink for constipation

  5. Palexia sustained release (lasts all day) pain killer

  6. Ondansetron ODT dissolves under tongue for nausea and vomiting

  7. Temgesic - really really kick a** pain relief

  8. Palexia immediate release pain killer

  9. Childrens Panadol in liquid form

When it comes to pain relief, I have used Palexia since I had my double knee replacement a couple of years ago, particularly when going on long drives, and now after tummy surgery you can't consume nurofen as it destroys the sutures so I will continue to always use Palexia immediate relief instead although it is quite rare that I need that kind of thing.

I also got myself some Arnica tablet, which are homeopathic for internal bruising. Of course there will be a lot of internal bruising going on. I swear by Arnica, I had it when I had my cesarean, when I had a hysterectomy and when I had my knees done! Honestly, arnica is BRILLIANT!! I also went and got Arnica topical cream (both of these I purchased from the pharmacy) for all the fabulous bruises I received from the difficulty they had getting an IV line into me!

So that was my pile of goodies. It was literally a job of sitting down and writing out a schedule of what I needed and when! Other than that I think I am doing well. Poop and Pain... that's your first week essentially!

Further down the track I'm happy to say neither of those are an issue for me so that's something to look forward to.

If you watch the video it will now be showing me actually trying the first constipation liquid which was honestly the sweetest thing I've ever had lol... so thankful I didn't have to take that long, as I developed a massive aversion to sweet things further down the track.

So that first week was literally finding a rhythm. The apartment was right on the Swan River across from Perth City so we would walk daily for miles. My husband is great like that. A couple of years ago when I had my double knee replacement he drove me to the river every day because I couldn't walk down the little hill from the Apartments with my crutches, so he would drive me to another part of the river, we would walk and then come home again. So this week it was the same kind of routine, walking walking walking and the rest of the time it was about nailing the Liquid Diet.

The first two weeks is called "Nourishing Liquids Phase" which for me started in hospital.

And it's a job!!! Those first couple of weeks

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