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Menopause & Thyroid Disease

I have a little quickie for you today, and that is I see many of you talk about Menopause kicking your Butt and I'm going to tell you WHY it's kicking your butt!

It is simply because when our ovaries decide they are going to stop making hormones, we don't actually just stop making them... our adrenal glands take over for our ovaries, so we do actually continue to make reproductive hormones.

However, if we are stressed in any way, shape or form, then that is not a priority. Dealing with menopause and dealing with those hormones a

re not a priority for our adrenals. It's pushing out the cortisol that we require to cope with our stressful situations, lives, diseases, all of that kind of thing.

So if you are having bad symptoms and you have followed me long enough, you will know that if your thyroid is out then your adrenals are out, so everything feels crappy right?

So what do you do? You deal with the stress! You deal with the inner stuff!

Everybody thinks this is an external thing.... it's not. Stress is an internal thing and how we all react to stress is totally different to the person next to us. This is why I am passionate about dealing with the stuff inside. That is what we need to do to calm any symptoms.

So if you have got a tonne of menopause symptoms and

you are not sleeping and you've got the hot flashes and all of that kind of thing... Adrenals and Stress.... work on the stress!

How do you work on the stress? There are lots of different ways. I use Kinesiology (more accurately Energy Balancing which you can book here if you are interested) that is a brilliant way of doing it but there are so many random different things you can do so do whatever floats your boat to reduce your stress and gain clarity around things!

Apparently according to my doctor's blood tests have been in Menopause for a year or two! Well you could have fooled me! I have got no symptoms whatsoever. However I'm diligent about doing the inner work. This is a constant for me. People say to me all the time, even close family members say to me "oh yeah but you're lucky, you're this, you're that" to which I say NO!!! The difference is I have been doing the inner work for 30 years. That is it.

While I still have Thyroid Disease I don't have any major issues both physically and mentally. And really that is the most important right? How we are feeling mentally and emotionally. If we are feeling stressed and overwhelmed and that kind of thing, then life is not fun. Having menopause symptoms and getting hot flashes and things like that I imagine is no fun at all because I read what you write!

So I just want you to know that when you have a menopause symptom, I want you to think "oh where am I stressed" alright? That is what I want to impart to you. It's not - "oh I have problems" it's like - Where do I need to calm down. That's what you need to take away from this message!

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