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The Ho'oponopono Prayer

What is the Ho’oponopono Prayer?

Okay, when I explain the Ho’oponopono Prayer some of you are going to think “Is this girl crazy”?, some of you are going to think “what the hell, I may as well try it” and some of you are going to think “Ooooh I love this” and start chanting on the spot!

I first saw this prayer on my Instagram feed only it did not have the Ho’oponopono Prayer written below it. I read it, thought “that’s nice” and kept scrolling. Then a couple of weeks ago, again on Instagram, I saw it again on somebody else’s feed and this time, it had Ho’oponopono Prayer written below it. So I googled it as it was such a lovely looking word I was curious.

Well, I was lost in amongst YouTube and websites for hours as I read and watched and understood the premise behind this prayer. I love it so much I want to share it with you. It is an ancient form of healing. It is achieved by simply saying a prayer repeatedly:

I’m Sorry – Forgive Me – Thank You – I Love You.

How does it work?

To understand what the prayer means, Dr. Hew Lu, the man who brought it to mainstream attention, explains: If you can imagine that your mind/soul is full of programs that form your belief systems. These programs come from you, your ancestors, past lives, and so on. There are billions of them, that shape what we believe and in turn, the choices we make and the life we lead.

Now imagine that your mind/soul is your inbox and the programs are email. Each email represents a program or belief that you have inherited or developed. Some of them will be spam, and some will be important and inspired information. The problem occurs when we have too much spam and then we don’t notice the great emails hidden amongst them. So the healing occurs because each time you say the words I’m Sorry; Forgive Me; Thank You; I Love you – you are deleting a piece of spam! You are deleting a thought pattern or belief or block that doesn’t serve you so that you can clear your soul enough to see the great emails.

I’m Sorry – I’m sorry that I felt the need to have this belief system
Forgive Me – Please forgive me for having this belief system
Thank You – Thank you for removing this belief system/thought pattern from my soul
I Love You – The overriding feeling for all healing. Without Love, there is no healing or moving forward

Dr. Hew says to just say the 4 phrases over and over – he calls them “cleaning” as in cleaning the files of your mind. He says to “clean, clean and clean again” Go to sleep cleaning, wake up cleaning, don’t stop cleaning.

How to Use the Ho’oponopono Prayer
for a Specific Reason

Dr. Hew teaches that there are two ways of using this prayer. The first is just saying the prayer over and over whenever you think to do it and about nothing in particular. The second is if you want to address something you are working on in your life. For example, it might be money problems.

Sit quietly and focus on money in general or perhaps a money issue you may be having that is causing you distress. As you focus on the issue, say the prayer over and over. You could even write down the issue or situation and physically tap on it while you say the prayer.

I have found a few times it has helped me to say the meaning around the situation with the prayer. For example, if I am trying to stop being so critical of myself I might say it this way:

I’m Sorry I am so critical of myself
Forgive me for thinking I needed to be critical of myself
Thank You for removing the need to be critical of myself
I love You, Kylie, You are doing a great job!

Sometimes I find by saying my issue in full like that I can further dissect what is going on in my head. But Dr. Hew says just saying the basics is enough to clean the programs you have collected. And if you want to make it even easier – he confirms that just saying I love you over and over is the shortcut to it all. I kind of like the longer version of the Ho’oponopono Prayer though as it sounds so pretty. You could even use it as a meditation mantra as I find when you are saying the words you are not really thinking of anything else so it is a way to get out of your own brain for a while.

Why you should give it a go.

I have found in the last few years, that it is not until you start working with the mind and the soul that things really start to happen when it comes to healing. Of course, the body needs the right food, and the removal of as many chemicals as possible, but don’t forget the crap that goes on in our brains that weigh us down every single day. Try the prayer and see what you think. I love it so much that I became a certified practitioner in teaching it! 


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