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3 Ways to Meditate Like a Zen Monk

To meditate daily is not a practice that comes easily to most people. I mean, who has time to sit and think about nothing? Who even wants to sit and think about nothing? Most of us would rather stick a needle in our eye. But science has backed it – meditation can change you on a cellular level, it reduces all kinds of diseases and reduces stress and improve your immune system. So how do we get into the habit?

How I meditate

Download an App
There are a lot of great meditation Apps for both Apple and Android. I use a free one called Yoga Nidra and it has 3 guided meditations of 10 – 20 – 30-minute sessions. Most people can cope with listening to instructions for 10 mins yeah? Then you could work your way up. Think of it as something you can tick off your list (which raises dopamine levels) every day for your health. Before you know it you will be saying “yeah I meditate”!

CD / MP3
For as many Apps you will find just as many guided meditations with different themes, for different outcomes. There are CDs and MP3s for you to meditate on weight loss, thyroid, memory, diabetes, manifesting money, and health. So starting with a subject you’re keen to fix or heal is a great way to get you used to just sitting for that time.

Self Guided
This is where you start to sit and meditate without the help of a device. I have found for me that if you follow a little sequence or story in your head it makes it feel like you have an agenda which makes it easier to sit. The following is what I do:

  • I light 4 candles, one for me and one for each of my 3 guides (you may not know this mumbo jumbo about yourself so just light however many candles tickles your fancy)

  • I lay them out in a diamond, one on each corner and in the middle, I light an incense stick (it will become clear why shortly)

  • I then set some meditation music from Youtube going (something longer than an hour and without adverts)

  • I sit in front of the candles (they are on my desk) and take a few deep breaths.

  • I then imagine myself in my mind’s eye walking down 15 stairs

  • At the bottom of the stairs, I walk out onto a beach and at the end of the beach I see a bonfire

  • I walk towards the fire where I see my 3 guides standing on each side, I make up the final side.

  • The flames from the fire (incense stick) are healing and so I am levitated over it by my guides to heal what needs help.

  • I then sit in front of the fire and my guides sit with me.

  • I then just stare at the flames, smelling the smoke and the sand on the beach, looking at my guides and just being in their company.

  • If they need to tell me anything they do so at this point.

  • When I am finished sitting, I return to the stairs counting each one as I go to the top, then I open my eyes.

Simple yeah? We humans generally need something to do with our minds so I found this really helped to give my meditation a purpose. I am the kind of person who finds just going for a walk a little boring, but if I am walking to a destination then I’m good with that. Meditation is the same thing.

To Meditate or not to Meditate

At the end of the day, you don’t have to know your guides or even be on a beach. Walk down your 15 stairs to wherever takes your fancy and imagine beside you whoever makes you feel good. Just do it and reap the benefits!


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