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If you already know why you are here then go ahead and click below... when you know, you know... xo

Marie K

The biggest take away was Kylie reminding me to spend more time for myself... dreaming of opportunities for the future but continuing to enjoy the journey along the way.

Yvonne W

You gave me the way forward and how to handle situations when they arise as well as how to let go of past issues.

Janine S

The Journey was the hardest and best thing I've ever done. Thank you Kylie for holding my hand and guiding me through the parts I didn't want to acknowledge!


My name is Kylie Wolfig

The only reason people read the About Page is so that you can find out how me being me can help you be a better you.... so let me tell you...

Kylie Wolfig Amed Bali

My Services


Energy Healing

This is a form of Kinesiology that Kylie uses to help you unblock stressors, traumas, emotional blocks, genetic memories or old stories that are stopping you from achieving whatever it is you are working towards. 

For example, if you want to give up gluten but your favourite memory of your grandmother is of eating tomato sandwiches with her, you will struggle to give it up.


The 12-Week Journey

The 12-Week Journey is a period of time that you work with Kylie 1:1 to achieve a goal or set you on the path to achieving that goal. 

Kylie uses Human Design, Energy Healing, Mindset Work, Emotional Body Release and Naturopathy in whatever combination you need to get to that goal.

This 12-Week Journey is purely about your own unique goals and how to get there.


Thyroid School

Kylie developed Thyroid School after becoming a Naturopath and Clinical Nutritionist to help her own journey with Hashimoto's. This was when Thyroid School was born, to document everything that Kylie's Thyroid was teaching her and everything she learned about herself, including her journey with Lipedema and Bariatric Surgery. This is her story & experiences.

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